Running RunII root file using cmsRun command

I am using CMSSW_10_6_30 version and I am unable to run a file using cmsRun command
Here’s the error:

17-Jun-2024 08:15:34 CEST Successfully opened file root://
17-Jun-2024 08:15:51 CEST Closed file root://
----- Begin Fatal Exception 17-Jun-2024 08:15:51 CEST-----------------------
An exception of category ‘PluginNotFound’ occurred while
[0] Constructing the EventProcessor
Exception Message:
Unable to find plugin ‘DemoAnalyzer’ in category ‘CMS EDM Framework Module’. Please check spelling of name.
----- End Fatal Exception -------------------------------------------------

Thanks for reporting!
This is most likely related to your other question, please see Getting Started with CMS MiniAOD Open Data | CERN Open Data Portal

Best, Kati

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It helped! Thank you.