Minimum Bias CMS PbPb sample from 2011 Run

Dear All,

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I am trying to analyze the data from here:
/MinimumBias/HIRun2011-PromptReco-v1/RECO | CERN Open Data Portal (1)

I am working in some projects for my students, which are not CMS members.
Following the instructions in the page above (with example EDAnalyzer, adapted for the dataset), it looks like the collections are empty.

I could even test my setup with the dataset below:
/HIMinBiasUPC/HIRun2011-12Jun2013-v1/RECO | CERN Open Data Portal (2)
And it is working, i.e., I can access the tracks and HF transverse energy sum, etc…

I could run “edmFileUtil” in two files of (1), and indeed they do not look corrupted. And also, could run “edmDumpEventContent” and the needed collections seem to be there. But when I try to directly analyze the EDM file with TBrowser I see the collections seem to be empty.

Please, if you have any ideas, will be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks!
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Cesar A. Bernardes

hi Cesar

My IC (also no CMS) student worked with it. I will ask him to take a look.

Cheers Pat