Is there any class to extract the energy deposits in the calorimeter cells of ECAL in CMSSW?

Does the class particleFlowClusterECAL contain the energy deposits of the ECAL in CMSSW? What about EcalRecHit ? If, not how can I extract this information from a simulated dataset? Any help would be much appreciated.

The data are made available in Analysis Object Data (AOD) format or slimmer MiniAOD for 2015, see also in Data Model - CMS Open Data Guide The exact energy deposits are not stored in the Electron object in that format.

Note that classes such as particleFlowClusterECAL are used in the reconstruction, i.e. in the step which produces the AOD formats, and they require input that is available only in the intermediate processing and in consequence, cannot be used in the analysis step.

Best, Kati
for the CMS open data team

I have resorted to using the module reducedEcalRecHitsEB with type edm::SortedCollection<EcalRecHit,edm::StrictWeakOrdering<EcalRecHit> > for the process RECO . I was able to extract the DetId and Hit Energy which I then used to produce an image in the ieta - iphi (ix - iy) grid for EB (EE) .

Am I right to believe that this module will give me an idea about the energy deposits in the ECAL cells even though they belong to RECO data tier?