GEN SIM DIGI RECO Top Events at 14TeV Dataset

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a dataset, and I hoped someone could help me. I have tried looking on my own, but I can’t find what I’m looking for. I don’t know if I’m looking wrong, or if it just does not exist. I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this.

I am looking for a dataset containing simulated GEN, SIM, DIGI, and RECO data for Top events at 14 TeV. I currently only have GEN and RECO. I would love to have all four steps, but having just GEN, RECO, and one intermediate step would also be great.


Many thanks for your interest. Maybe then the dataset CERN Open Data Portal is what you are looking for. It was released in the context of an ML study example, i.e. it contains full event information, which is not contained in the normal datasets in AOD format. It is the only dataset in that format we have released so far.

Hope that helps!

Best, Kati
for the CMS open data team

Thank you for your help. I apologize, I am not very familiar with the files naming conventions. I just wanted to confirm, does this dataset contain GEN, SIM, DIGI, and RECO data?

No worries, the naming conventions are hard, in particular, as they were not originally thought for open data but for internal use. Indeed, I need to correct myself: the RECO content is finally in CERN Open Data Portal which is the child dataset of the one I mentioned, containing the data in the format before the reconstruction step.

To check the contents of a dataset, you can use the “EDM” tools to dump the event content from one file to see what is in there, see the instructions in What is in the datafiles? – Dataset scouting
Note that you will need to be in the CMS open data environment for those commands to work. Note also that this dataset is in a particular format because it contains some information that is normally not present but was needed for the ML study using it (therefore the name FEVTDEBUG).

Best, Kati