Error while using edmDumpevent

I experienced this error while using edmDumpEventContent command :

(/code/CMSSW_7_6_7/src) edmDumpEventContent --name savehits_output_0001.root
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/cvmfs/”, line 228, in
branches = Tree.GetListOfBranches()
AttributeError: ‘TObject’ object has no attribute ‘GetListOfBranches’


edmDumpEventContent is a CMSSW helper script and it expects the input file to be in the CMS EDM (Event Data Model) format, see WorkBookCMSSWFramework < CMSPublic < TWiki

That would be an AOD or a MiniAOD file. If your input is a plain root file, have a look at ROOT files - ROOT

Hope this helps.

Best, Kati
for the CMS open data team

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