Error obtained while running cmsRun with configuration file

Can someone please let me know what this error means

210930 12:04:26 357 Xrd: Connect: can't open connection to []
210930 12:04:26 357 Xrd: XrdNetFile: Error creating logical connection to

I could resolve the issue when I chose another network connection. But I still don’t understand why I couldn’t access
the datasets in root format through my first network connection. Please do let me know.

@Aleesha, the Xrootd protocol uses some specific ports in order to function (I think it was 1094 and 1095). If a network is firewalled, this could prevent the access. It could also be a firewall to IP ranges not familiar to the network.

Yes, you are right. I realized this few days ago and enabled the port after which I could access them.