Empty home directory in CMSSW_7_6_7 container


I am following the instructions here to start a CMSSW_7_6_7 container. The command

docker run --name my_od -P -p 5901:5901 -p 6080:6080 -it cmsopendata/cmssw_7_6_7-slc6_amd64_gcc493 /bin/bash

works as expected and gives the right output. Then I would like to follow the instructions to setup the POET here and am starting by going to the correct directory according to the instructions, but this doesn’t seem to exist :

(/code/CMSSW_7_6_7/src) cd ~/CMSSW_7_6_7/src
bash: cd: /home/cmsusr/CMSSW_7_6_7/src: No such file or directory

What am I missing here? I am using Docker on MacOs with the M1 chip.


Hi Giulia,

many thanks for your feedback.
It looks to me that you are actually in the correct directory (your prompt shows /code/CMSSW_7_6_7/src).
We’ll clarify the wording in the instructions.

Note, however, that the CMSSW container usually does not run properly on the MacOS with an M1 chip. It runs out of memory sooner or later because of the incompatible architecture. We have some information about it in the CMS open data workshop docker lesson and if you have no other computer available, you can try setting up a VM on cloud services as instructed in Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure

In addition, our colleagues in the CutLang group have reported that they were able to run an amd-based container in M1/M2 Mac with the following recipe

but we have not verified if it works with the CMSSW container.

Let us know if this helps!


for the CMS open data team

Hi Kati,

Many thanks for your reply.
When the POET code didn’t compile I just assumed that I was in the wrong directory since the instructions were a bit misleading on that point.

I tried the fix suggested by the CutLang group but that didn’t fix the issues. Fortunately I had an old Mac lying around and there indeed the instructions work out of the box.