CMS Open Data Workshop & Hackathon 2024

Dear Open Data enthusiasts,

We are happy to announce the CMS Open Data Workshop & Hackathon 2024!
This free workshop will be held July 29 - Aug 1, 2024 at the CERN IdeaSquare, and on Zoom.


This workshop is the fifth in a series that started in 2020 and it aims to bridge the technical gap that usually exists between the scientific creativity of an external analyst and the nuts-and-bolts details of a full analysis with CMS open data. This year we’re excited to feature CMS data from 2016 recently released to the CERN Open Data Portal!

New for this workshop are morning hackathon segments where users with Open Data projects in mind can take advantage of the facilitators’ knowledge to jump-start their work. Tutorial sessions in the afternoons will give users at any stage a pedagogical grounding in the CMS experiment and relevant open data analysis techniques.

Registration is free and open now! CMS Open Data Workshop & Hackathon 2024 (29 July 2024 - 1 August 2024): Overview · Indico

The workshop will be offered in hybrid mode, though the morning hackathon sessions will be optimized for in-person participation.

We look forward to welcoming you in July,

Julie Hogan, for the organizing committee

Organizing Committee:
Julie Hogan (Bethel University, Brown University, US)
Kati Lassila-Perini (Helsinki Institute of Physics, FI)
Thomas McCauley (University of Notre Dame, US)
Matt Bellis (Siena College, US)